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Happy 3rd Anniversary!~
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Programs I use|| Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CC
Tablet|| Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
Operating System|| Windows 7
Do Requests?|| Sorry, I don't have the time
Trades?|| Friends only!
Collabs?|| Same as above!
Commissions?|| Working on some!


Cute buns courtesy of tealgoodra




Deg kisses by CherryBuns


Alphabetically ordered!

Cute bun baby by LeekerBell

♥ If you're not here -> It doesn't mean I don't like you! I've just added what I feel are my closest friends.
♥ If you're close but not here-> It might mean my memory sucks and I forgot to add or your username! Please let me know!
♥ If you feel like you should be here -> Just send me a note and tell me, if I feel like we are indeed close I shall add you~




.: RP :.

I just rp with people in this groups.
If you want to rp with me -> I suck at notes, but you can inform me via note and we can work out the details!


I claim this in the name of nippole.
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 8:08 AM
hearts for u ♥♥♥♥♥
Thu Jun 12, 2014, 3:51 PM
No creo que pille tu 100k pero igual felicidades :D
Tue May 20, 2014, 10:12 PM
Tue May 20, 2014, 9:51 PM
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 12:21 AM
Hi everyone!!!
Mon Apr 21, 2014, 11:03 AM
//plops on the ground//
Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:49 PM
Ho-hum what the fum
Wed Apr 16, 2014, 11:38 AM
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3DS Info~


Name-> Buns
Time Zone-> CST

.:♥ ⓟⓞⓚⓔⓜⓞⓝ ⓧ♥:.

Trainer-> Gigi
Battle Status-> Closed/Friends Only
Currently Breeding-> Buneary

.:♥ ⓐⓝⓘⓜⓐⓛ ⓒⓡⓞⓢⓢⓘⓝⓖ♥:.


Town Name-> Armonia
Mayor-> Gwen
Villagers-> Valerie
Current Neighbors->

• Sydney
• Bree
• Cousteau
• Puddles
• Keaton
• Paula
• Savannah
• Pippy

Missing Fruit -> Peach, Orange, Coconut, Persimmon
Dream Address-> N/A
Collecting-> Ranch Series, Alpine Series, Minimalist Series, Lovely Series
Rules while visiting-> No running! I am currently breeding flowers so please take your time walking.


Go check this new group by tiny bun Solarri 

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Go check this new group by tiny bun Solarri
4 deviants said c: ♥
1 deviant said Or I beat u up
No deviants said :iconquestformana:
No deviants said She needs mods
No deviants said She's tiny bun
No deviants said You treat her right
DWMA :: Bubbles by CherryBuns
DWMA :: Bubbles
Boops baby is back.

:bulletpink: BASIC INFO :bulletpink:

Name :: Viviane "Bubbles" Smoothstone.
Age :: 19
Birthday :: July 30th, 1995
Gender :: Female ♀
Pokémon :: #283 Surskit :iconsurskitplz:
Nature :: Sassy [Lively; boldly smart; saucy].
Characteristic :: Strongly Defiant.

:bulletyellow: PERSONALITY :bulletyellow:

Personality :: 

Extroverted and loud, Bubbles is a girl who loves the spotlight, she's easy to approach and doesn't mind meeting new people. She's confident and honest, she's pretty sociable and loves being in contact with others.
Having lived by herself for a long time this surskit doesn't need others to survive even if she loves company. It's very VERY hard to influence her into something, she's confident about her own judgement and is very capable of acting for herself. 

A free spirit at heart, Bubbles enjoys pranks and games. She is rather playful and flirtatious, she will definitely pick on people and her intentions will range from an affectionate joke or name to actual dislike for others.
If something catches her attention she will investigate, dangerous or not. This curious behavior can be helpful in certain occassions, you could say she's brave because of her curiosity while in reality she's just rash.  

Bubbles can be quite egoistical, her well being is often placed above others'. She's single minded and doesn't feel responsible for anything aside from herself. The surskit is also quite vain about her looks and can look down at others for theirs.
She's not the best with words, being so confident makes her think she can get away with speaking her mind at any time in any way possible. She can easily come off as rude by just being honest and will not apologize for any misunderstandings as... well they were misunderstandings.

Likes :: Sweets, especially bubblegum and cherry flavored lollipops, Sports and Dancing.

Dislikes :: Fire.

Backstory :: 

Born on the distant land of Nova Scotia by the name of Viviane Smoothstone. Her father was a Mothim, her mother a Masquerain. Weapon and Meister respectively, it was their destiny to be together, you could say. Little Viviane was the first kid the couple had, followed by a second daughter. It was a small family, the girls were trained as both their parents hoped they'd eventually find their way just like they did. As much as they trained they didn't seem to show to either transform or being proficient at battles, their parents were disappointed about that whole business, their loving mother was sure they'd eventually find their path. Their father wasn't so sure, and after a while became cold and quiet around his daughters.

When Viviane turned 10 her entire world flipped. It was late at night, both girls were already tucked in bed and their parents sleeping comfortably on their room. Some say it was an accident, some say it was revenge, but a tiny spark ignited the entire house. Being bugs, fighting off the fire was not an easy task and after trying to get out their mother collapsed, she'd find her end in that small cottage. The house was burning up fast, smoke was everywhere and young Viviane didn't know what to do. Where was her father? Where was her sister? From behind the smoke a tall figure walked to her, torn wings, her father. She happily moved to him, but only to be received by a slap. 

"You were supposed to take care of her" the cold voice of her father took her by surprise "You were the eldest, you were supposed to take her of her... but you are pathetic, not even able to transform... and now she's dead because of you". 

She's dead, because of you. Not only did she lose her mother but her sister as well. After getting out of the house her father disappeared, leaving the child on her own.

After some years Viviane had changed. A kid shouldn't have to take care of herself. The small surskit grew bitter, hopeless and selfish. After the fire experience she trained even more, meister or weapon she'd be the best and show her father her worth one day. Roaming the streets one day she found an older girl, performing in front of a crowd. She was playing with some ribbons, like a gymnast. Entranced with the movement she could feel a strange tingling feeling inside her as she transformed into a weapon. FINALLY. Now she knew what she had to do. Viviane was long gone by now, that life was now over and so she adopted another name: Bubbles.

Vain and proud of her accomplishments she looked for a training facility, and after a while she heard of a training school, a place where she'd be able to exploit her abilities, find a partner and become the next Death Scythe. She just had to try out, get accepted. She traveled all the way to this place, she was going to train and then, she'd show her father who was worthless...

:bulletpink: OTHER INFO :bulletpink:

Partner :: Currently undetermined.

Weapon :: Bladed Whip. This surskit's slim body turns into a long snake-like whip that sports her hair colors. On the end it has two sharp blades and a sharp gem. This makes the whip useful for stabbing and slicing in battle but it is also useful for gripping into buildings or grabbing objects. It can also be used as a regular whip, of course. The hilt's ribbon will always match the one she's wearing.

Moveset :: 
:iconnormaltypeplz: Sweet Scent
:iconwatertypeplz: Bubble Beam
:iconicetypeplz: Ice Beam
:iconbugtypeplz: Sticky Web

Extra ::
Bullet; WhiteShe is really skinny, but that's just because of her species.
Bullet; WhiteDeadly afraid of fire.
Bullet; WhiteShe can't stand extreme weather, if it's too cold her weapon form would be too stiff, if it's too hot she wouldn't be strong enough to pierce anything.
Bullet; WhiteDoesn't plan on evolving.
Bullet; WhiteAs any surskit she is able to skate over ponds, just don't let her near a river or she'll probably drown |D;
Bullet; WhiteShe likes watching clouds move.
Bullet; WhiteShe's also rather stupid, not being in school for too long.
Bullet; White She has a bubblegum problem. She'll carry a LOT of packages in her pockets, different flavors.
Bullet; White Small girl, HUGE ego.
Bullet; White Is usually playful and means no harm.
Bullet; White She likes plants but everything she touches dies.
Bullet; White Reason why she shouldn't have pets.

App form (c) PocketChocolate 
Comm :: Purretty Kitty by CherryBuns
Comm :: Purretty Kitty
Not sending it into the group yet since we need to check the app... buuuut commish for tealgoodra this was rlly fun >:V ♥

Quinn © tealgoodra 
PKMNA :: Staff by CherryBuns
PKMNA :: Staff
Epic title I know-- I was just gonna draw Gwen and her boys but........ then I added Val and Cami and everyone in the end OOPS I just love them all and the different body shapes and heights

Take this as a reference if you wanna? Idk it was fun.

Armonia staff © HokeyPokey08196 Solarri Typurr sweetkimothy Zephaboo  & myself


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